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Devops and Webops tech sites


Here is a list of tech and IT-engineering blogs and sites I read regularly. Even though my daily practice is nowhere near the scale of what’s going on with these guys, being able to tap into their wealth of knowledge is great. It’s also an excellent way to keep up with all the latest technology.

General Devops stuff

John Allspaw’s seminal Velocity talk about deployment at Flickr

Ops School Curriculum

Devops Days

Devops Amsterdam Meetup

IT revolution press

Devops practice

Schuberg Philis Cupfighter Blog

Inuits blog

Kris Buytaert’s Everything is a freaking DNS problem

Patrick Debois’s Just Enough Developed Infrastructure

Niek Bartholomeus Blog (around devops in traditional IT)

Atlassian Devops Dojo

Devops weekly mailinglist (a must!)

Other infrastructure

Storage Swiss

Willem ter Harmsel

 Shorestor’s Blog